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Spax patented on car adjustable shock absorbers and have been supplying upgraded suspension to Manufacturers, Race Teams, Restorers and Enthusiasts since the 1960's

Our global network of OEM's, dealers and specialist mechanics supply on-car adjustable dampers to upgrade original equipment and help accurately tune suspension, allowing our customers to drive with increased confidence on the roads, and win on the track

Spax dampers are all designed and hand-built, to meticulous standards, by our loyal and experienced workforce in Oxfordshire, England. We take pride in the fact that everything we manufacture is made by our own craftsmen, with stringent quality checks at every stage of manufacture

The History of Spax Dampers

SPAX was founded in 1951 by Norman Butcher, who lived in a Somerset village called Spaxton. The name of the company comes from the name of that village. The original product was a car fog lamp and shortly after, the rebuilding of lever arm and other dampers was added.

Then Norman Butcher and his production foreman, Bert Thorogood, developed an adjustable telescopic damper for road and racing cars. The modern day SPAX had been founded. A company called Reproductive Engineering, whose owner, Mr Brown realised the potential of the product, bought SPAX and transferred the production to a new location in Jersey. The sales operation at this point was a shop in East London, but the advent of a new breed of retailer, selling performance car parts, was to transform SPAX. Demon Tweeks and Ripspeed were the two main stockists and distributors of SPAX products. In the late 1970s, SPAX was the market leader in road car suspension in the U.K.

By the mid 1980s, SPAX moved its engineering, sales, warehouse and administration to Bicester in Oxfordshire, the heart of Formula 1 country. At this point, the company was a market leader in suspension for racing, rallying and road cars. In the early 1990s, the factory was moved to Walsall in the heart of England’s manufacturing area. Volumes increased dramatically when exports began to grow

In the mid 1990s, the company began to develop complete suspension packages, tailor made for each car. Export sales continued to expand and SPAX was now becoming a household name all over the world for performance suspension. The company was now heavily involved with racing at all levels and also supplied the land speed record car, Thrust 2. So successful was this project that Thrust SSC also chose SPAX to break the land speed record at 771 M.P.H. (1.231 Km/H).

In 1998, the whole company moved to one site in Bicester and shortly after, the company was bought by new owners. A new factory with modern systems was introduced at a cost of close to £1 million and the production facility was transformed into a world class manufacturing unit, offering levels of flexibility and customer service that are dreamed about by other companies. All products are 100% tested, epoxy powder coated and oven baked to ensure customers get guaranteed quality, absolute performance and long life.

In 2001, SPAX became one of only a handfull of British manufacturers to be granted the German TUV seal of approval for quality – A tribute to all the hard work put in in the factory. SPAX launched a completely re-designed range of Gas pressurised dampers with Krypton gas used in Adjustable Dampers, Nitrogen in Fixed Rate Dampers.

These days the iconic SPAX Gas Adjustable dampers provide users with better low speed ride quality, improved high speed performance, higher cornering speeds, shorter stopping distances and quieter damper operation. The product range has been further enhanced with the introduction of RSX height and damping adjustable kits that are fast becoming the industry standard for performance and quality utilising Stainless Steel technology to its height adjustable damper range. 100% high grade stainless is used for the height adjuster mechanism to ensure corrosion-free height adjustment.


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