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  • SPAX RSX Coilover Front for VW Caddy Mk 1 14 Pickup 82- 1.4D 2WD – Performance Kit; Ride & Height Adjustable Fr&Rr 35-65/0mm

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Weight24 kg

Lowers Front Axle Only

*Non TUV certified kit*


Dampers Adjustable on the car WITHOUT Dismantling

KRYPTON Filled GAS Dampers

If you want the ultimate suspension
kit to transform the handling
characteristics of your car and to
adjust the ride height too, then SPAX
RSX is the answer. RSX kits contain
all of the key features and benefits
of our PSX kits, plus allow you to
adjust the ride height of the car using
Stainless Steel Height Adjusters. RSX
also allows you to set the corner
weights of your car, which means you
can control the weight distribution,
improving the balance and grip of
the car.
Some suspension kits may give your
car cool looks and adjustable ride
height. SPAX RSX Suspension Kits
deliver SO MUCH MORE!
SPAX RSX kits contain 4 uprated,
shortened, 28 stage on-car adjustable dampers,
matched to a set of Chrome Silicone race type
springs. RSX dampers are uprated, shortened
and pressurised with Krypton gas. This ensures
that high speed performance is ultra stable,
fade free and therefore significantly improved.
The result is maximum cornering speed and
traction, minimum braking distance and roll.
Adjustable for ride height on the car, with no
dismantling. RSX is ideal for track days and fast
road applications.
RSX kits are designed, manufactured
and tested to the strictest German TV quality
standards. Each and every RSX damper is
fully Dyno Tested to ensure you get 100%
performance, 100% quality, 100% guaranteed.
NEW Stainless Steel Height Adjusters and Spring
Seats ensure no seized components and long
Dampers and springs are safety critical
parts of your car that can save your life. Optimal
handling results in better driver control and
shorter stopping distances and this leads to a
safer and more enjoyable drive.
SPAX’s massive buying power and “Factory
Direct” pricing allows you to buy this premium
product at second to none value.

Front and rear with height adjustment Full 2 Year Warranty

Ride Height Adjustable on the car WITHOUT Dismantling

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